telneo Values

We are guided by rigor, excellence, integrity, independence and teamwork, which define the culture and reputation of our company.

We take the concerns and interests of our clients, to who we offer reliability, commitment to the common good and leadership of people.

We aim to have a lasting and positive relationship with our clients.

Innovation, training and development of knowledge are central pillars of our values seeking to provide the most add value.

Through our activities we seek also a sustainable future by optimizing the binomial “efficient use of natural resources – business activities”.

Corporate Ethics as a norm and principle that reflects the culture of our company respecting the needs and rights of all people working with us (employees, suppliers, clients, collaborators, creditors,…) in a safe and healthy environment.

Corporative Social Responsibility

Through our services in favor of development of new technologies indirectly encourage, as one of our strategic objectives, tools to reduce carbon dioxide emissions or energy consumption, encourage the develop of depressed areas and promote social and economic cohesion in many countries.

We rely on measures and protocols to protect the data we receive from our environment and work systems and quality and environment protection policies in the work we do.