How we work

1. Work Process


The first step is collecting brief information about client’s business and its goals. Tell us about your business or service, your project, so that we can understand your mission, objectives, identify the target audience, assign responsibilities, clarify all details and estimate a budget.


Using gathered information, we make a service cost and delivery date estimate, start a new project in basecamp, collect required materials (sketches, designs, fonts, html layouts, images, content, accesses) from the client, make a list of tasks, set deadlines in calendar.


Our web designer creates page layouts and interface elements, using approved information from the client. Depending on service type, revision number may be limited.


All page layouts are approved, goals are clear, task list is filled, development can start. This can be a html/css layout, jquery scripts and effects, php programming, database migration to wordpress, plugin set up and content transfer to custom fields, and so on. All this and more can be in the same project at once. We are be happy if you are good at it, too, and appreciate the time.


It seems to be ready, but before launch, there are some final steps to take, such as cross-browser testing in all popular browsers on PC, Mac and mobile devices. Transfer site, register and setup google webmaster tools, basic SEO settings and recommendations. Only after these steps, the site is ready for launch.


The site should be properly maintained with monthly wordpress and plugin updates, daily monitoring of webmaster tool panel is required to detect viruses, 404 or sitemap errors that occur after certain updates and Google analytics to track visits and conversion.

2. Setting a business goal

Project success depends on correct goal, task, priority setting and mutual work with available tools involved in project development.

3. The work requires the participation of the customer

hww_icon_11-2Business Processes

It is advisable to prepare your business processes to be displayed on the web pages. Make sure whatever it is that you’re doing is something you can actually sustain — organisationally, strategically, and financially.


The acquisition of the site adds new responsibilities, such as posting news to the blog, updating site content, working with optimisation tools. You should determine who will take on the job.


Determine the time and budget, and leave the amount of work flexible. This will help us to complete all tasks on time, without additional costs. If you can’t fit everything in within the time and budget allotted then don’t expand the time and budget. Instead, pull back the scope. There’s always time to add stuff later.

hww_icon_14Product or service

A good product would have a story to tell. An image and text are your ways to communicate with the visitor. If you want to sell your product, you should have attractive pictures and description.


Don’t worry if you have never worked with web site admin panel. You will quickly learn the intuitive content management system and will work with the simplicity inherent in the things you are used to.


Every project is different and challenging. The acceptance period may vary for different projects. Thus the delivery date may be away from acceptance date a couple of weeks. We do our best to deliver a working solution, make sure you stick to initial scope of work and respond to us daily.